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Western States Community College (WSCC) is a private community college of continuing adult education.  WSCC is registered with the Oregon Secretary of State and the Oregon Department of Education, Higher Education Coordinating Commission; Oregon State Capital Building, Salem, Oregon.  

The program offers any proper course of study which is self-enriching to the adult learner and contributes to one’s life-long learning process, particularly for career development needs.

The many decades of experimental education, special education programs, and high school drop-out rates have caught up with us.  

Our national education programs have failed us badly.  Our adult basic continuing education students can catch-up quickly with this adult alternative learning program.  This Adult Basic Education (ABE) program offers orthodox High School Completion (HSC) in a short period of 6 weeks or less with diagnostic testing procedures.  Providing the continuing education student with an Adult High School completion DIPLOMA; starting the newly qualified applicant entry into the job market for employment.

Help Wanted…Now!

A major disaster is going on within the work place, and it is now taking place with men and women of the workforce.  If you are age 18to 35, underemployed or unemployed, living with your parents, homeless, or any other demeaning situation, you and only you know the frustrations faced every day.  The Oregon Department of Education reported that only 8 out of 10 students entering the 9th grade will graduate or complete their high school diploma requirements within 4 years… 26% or more are dropouts.  This population, particularly in the 18 to 35 age bracket, is unable to meet employer’s current demand for a high school completion certificate (DIPLOMA); they are unable to obtain gainful employment.  So if education is the primary cause for your lack of employment needs and overall happiness, what is the problem?  There is no end to the number of schools ready to offer their support for a cost and time investment!  Programs are available for completion in the privacy of your own home!  

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Division of Adult Basic Education for Adult Alternative Learners


It is the Mission of this Division to promote programs that help adults receive the basic educational skills to be productive workers, family members, and citizens.  The major areas are Adult Secondary Education, Adult Basic Education, English Language Acquisition, Self Enhancement, and Career Development.  These programs emphasize the basic skills of reading, writing, arithmetic, English language competency, and problem solving-including student apprehension and retention abilities.


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